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Lead Your Life’s 2024 NRL Footy Tipping

Hey Footy Fans, Ready to add a dash of excitement to your NRL season? We’re here to invite you to the ultimate footy tipping showdown! But wait, there’s more – by joining our NRL Footy Tipping Competition, you’re not only in for a thrilling ride but also lending a hand to an incredible cause.

Why You’ll Love It

Our NRL Footy Tipping Competition isn’t your average tipping gig. It’s a chance to gather round with fellow footy aficionados, share laughs, and indulge in some friendly competition.

How to Play

Sign Up

Contact a member of our friendly team today, or navigate to our website and submit an enquiry!

Get Tipping

Each week, dive into the action by making your predictions for the upcoming NRL matches. Trust your instincts and aim for the top spot!

Mix and Mingle

Don’t be shy – join the conversation! Chat with fellow tippers, swap strategies, and revel in the footy banter that makes this competition so special.

Track Your Progress

Keep tabs on your tipping prowess as you climb the ranks on our live leaderboard. Every correct tip inches you closer to glory!

december respite calendar

Magic Round 2025

But wait, there’s more! As part of our commitment to supporting our Participants, Lead Your Life is thrilled to announce that we’re offering a special opportunity for our Participants to attend the NRL Magic Round in Queensland in 2025! We believe in providing unforgettable experiences for our community, and what better way to do that than by cheering on your favourite teams live at the stadium? Unfortunately, we have already booked our Magic Round 2024 visit with our Participants, so get in quick if you are interested in attending in 2025!

Why Choose Us?

When you join our NRL Footy Tipping Competition, you’re not just tipping for kicks – you’re tipping for a cause. With our unwavering dedication to supporting individuals with disabilities through the NDIS, you can tip with confidence, knowing that every prediction counts towards making a real difference.

Ready to Tip Off for a Cause?

The NRL season is heating up, and there’s no better time to get in on the action. Join our NRL Footy Tipping Competition today, and let’s kick off for a cause! Head to our website to sign up or reach out to our team for more information. Together, let’s make this NRL season one to remember! Cheers to footy, fun, and making a positive impact – one tip at a time! 💚🧡

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